To our advertisers…


Retail Pages has 3 separate editions/areas of coverage. Retail Pages Toronto East covers Scarborough, All of the Danforth, Don Mills, Victoria Park Village, Wexford, Agincourt, Malvern, Guildwood, West Hill, Woburn, Birchcliff, Beaches, Bayview Village, East York, and North York while Retail Pages Durham covers Pickering/Ajax and Whitby/Brooklin/Oshawa. Each community has it's own edition of the paper which gives you the opportunity to specifically advertise in the area or areas of your choice.


Our advertisers are already aware of the level of service and the results achieved by placing ads in our papers. They experience far greater feedback from their ads than from our competition. The reasons are simple. As a newspaper dedicated solely to advertising, we put the information in front of a customer who has purchasing in mind at the time they read the paper. Our distribution places the paper in high-traffic, targeted areas. Despite our competitors claims of exclusive locations, you will find our boxes, racks and newspapers prominently displayed in retail outlets including Walmart, community centres, libraries, restaurants, banks, and LRT stations as well as our growing number of newspaper boxes and racks. Of course, the papers are available free of charge to our readers either in the print version or as a download from the Home page of this website.


The tabloid format of the paper itself makes for an easy read on subways, buses, the GO train, or while sitting and having a quiet meal at your favourite restaurant. It's also easy to download a copy to read on your computer at your convenience. Retail Pages is published monthly. What you get is a full month's worth of advertising in whichever edition you choose. Combine that with actual physical circulation of the paper and you'll find that your exposure to potential customers is unparalleled and at just a fraction of the cost of the same amount of advertising in the dailies or weeklies!


We take advertising seriously and so should you. If you don't have an agency to create your ad for you, we'll do the design work at no extra charge. Retail Pages is where you need to be. Don't get lost amid the hubbub that most other papers will hide you in! You'll even find our pricing and our special incentives will get you far more than you could expect from the competition.