What you need to know…


We offer full creative design for your advertisement and follow your instructions as to how you want yourself portrayed. We understand Corporate and Product Branding and strive to maintain the appearance that defines who you are and what you offer. We also believe that the cleaner your ad appears, the more interest it will draw from potential customers. Often, the less an ad actually says, the more attention it draws. We feel that an advertisement should be like a conversation that draws people in.


For those of you who have an agency to do your creative work, we'd like to share some information with them and ask you to direct them to this page before they start your work. This is to guide them in the type of material we require to present your ad as it was intended.


Retail Pages accepts advertisements in any of the following formats:

• Adobe Illustrator CC or earlier

• Adobe Photoshop CC or earlier

• Adobe InDesign CC or earlier


For ease of use, files may be forwarded to us in Adobe PDF-X1-2001 or PDF-X4-2008 format, High Resolution with Illustrator Editing Capability enabled.


Please note that Photoshop text should be rasterized and that Illustrator text should be outlined. If that is not an option, all fonts must be provided.

Images must be embedded in your Illustrator file or provided in a minimum of 200 dpi resolution CMYK or Greyscale.


Should you have any questions concerning the above specifications please contact us and request the information you require.